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Granite #89’s

Granite #89 are a combination of Granite 8”s and 9’s. Pieces are approximately  1/4” inch in size.  Commonly used for pathways and driveways. The angular shape of the stone can keep the material in place on surfaces that are not level.

Granite #7’s

Granite #57’s

Granite #34’s

Granite Rip Pap

White Masonry Sand

Granite Sand (8-10’s

River Sand

Granite Crush N Run

Granite #7’s are a 1/2” in size. #7’s are commonly used in pathways, driveways, and on projects where the ease of shoveling a stone smaller than #57 is desired. This stone can be used in drainage applications.

Granite #57 are the most widely used size of aggregate. Applications include walkways, driveways, drainage, wall backfill and for making concrete. Granite #57 pieces are 1/2” to 3/4” in size. Used as filler material where drainage is required.

Granite #34’s are a combination of Granite #3’s and #4’s. Pieces are approximately  1” to 2 1/2” in size. Commonly used at entrances to construction sites, driveway, and general drainage projects. Material is more difficult to shovel than smaller sizes.

Granite Rip Rap is commonly used for erosion control. This material is found in drainage ditches, around drainage culvert pipes and along small creek or stream banks. Pieces of Rip Rap can vary from fist  size to larger than a basketball.

Granite Crush N Run is often called Crushed Stone Base (CSB), Graded Aggregate Base (GAB) and Crusher Run. Used as the base for driveways, road beds, and any other application where complete compaction is required.

White Masonry Sand used in the making of mortars and concretes. Its can be used in lawns for leveling, volleyball courts, and sand boxes. Color can very from cream color to white.

Granite Sand, made from Granite, is used as a base for pavers, flagstones, walls, and is used by itself as walking paths and driveways. Granite Sand is made from finely ground granite and lends itself to projects needing compaction.

River Sand is dredged from rivers, screened, and cleaned. It is often used for the making of concrete, amending soils and for leveling lawns. River Sand is more coarse than Masonry Sand. When used on lawns care should be taken to protect against germination of weed seeds.