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Our Fill Dirt is construction grade material. Free from decomposable material, such as sticks and wood products, it can contain small stones. Typically used where a packing fill material is required. Typically not recommended for planting medium.

Good ‘ol Georgia Red Clay!

Organic Potting Soil, OPS, is a combination of compost and clean soil. Comparable to potting soils purchased at other garden centers, this soil provides the nutrients your flowers, shrubs, and trees demand, and help break up tight, packed, clay.

Sold in bulk, OPS is a affordable replacement for bagged products found in other garden centers. For planting mediums that require less compost and additional moisture retention, consider mixing OPS with Earth Products sandy Top Soil.

Sold in bulk, in half cubic yard increments, Top Soil is an affordable way to amend your current clay landscape or build up for plantings. Consider mixing Top Soil with Organic Potting Soil, OPS, for extra nutrients..

Excavated from the low lands of Cherokee County our Top Soil is a sandy, loamy, material. Free from debris, and screened for consistency, Top Soil is an excellent material for planting trees, shrubs and all sods and grasses.

Fill Dirt

Organic Potting Soil

Top Soil

Mushroom Compost

Sold in bulk, in half cubic yard increments, Mushroom Compost is an affordable and green alternative to fertilizers.