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Disclaimer, return policy, and other legal stuff

Disclaimer, Returns, and other legal stuff

Natural Products

Earth Products’ material is all natural, and anything occurring in natural will not be 100% consistent. Therefore, it is possible that not every stone, every load of gravel, load of mulch or soil, will match material previously purchased material. Earth Products is happy to provide samples of all the materials sold. We recommend that all customers personally inspect purchased material before delivery or pick up.


Pre approved refunds will be assessed a 15% restocking fee with a copy of original receipt. Remaining refund balance will ONLY be issued as a store credit. NO refunds on special order items, cement, mortar, or items not returned in original packaging or in conditions unable to be resold.


Earth Products does not warranty any of its natural stones. Many products can be used for multiple applications and installation methods vary, which can lead to material degradation. Natural materials can fade or change color over time. Chemical, such as acid, can alter the life and / or the color of the stone. Dyed mulches are not warranted against fading. Dyed mulches must be allowed to dry 72 hours after being spread to maintain their colorfastness.


Earth Products is not responsible for LAWN, DRIVEWAY or PROPERTY damage sustained while being directed onto said LAWN, DRIVEWAY or PROPERTY by the recipient of materials being delivered. Placement of materials is at the discretion of the Earth Products delivery driver, based on property, equipment, and personal injury risk. Earth Products does not guarantee product placement and / or orientation; this includes boulders, aggregates, and pallets. All delivery fees are due even if materials cannot be placed as desired, or if the customer refuses material at the jobsite.

Customer Responsibilities

It is the customers’ responsibility to personally see, select, and inspect the materials to be delivered. ALL orders placed over the phone are final, and are subject to a NO refund policy. It is the customers’ responsibility to review all delivery paperwork upon receipt to insure delivery information is correct, including address, phone numbers, delivery times, material type, and quantities.  Earth Product will gladly give advice on material selection, material quantities, and costs. It is the final responsibility of the customer to determine correct material selection, material quantities, and projected product costs.

Website use

Earth Products continually updates, and modifies the website to give the most accurate and current information. Demand, fuel costs, and availability of materials substantially, and rapidly, change pricing in the landscape industry. Website updates and maintenance is not guaranteed, therefore pictures, descriptions and pricing are not always accurate. Pricing given at the time of checkout supersedes any pricing found on Earth Products website. Customers relying solely on the information posted on Earth Products website should review Customers Responsibilities above before placing orders.