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Your Landscape, Our Passion!

No Project too Small!

Our Family!

Yep, we work on our yards too! Even after a long work week, helping some of the greatest people in Atlanta build their dream landscape, we go home and grab our shovels and rakes in get to work on our own outdoor paradise. All of our employees want you to make all your efforts pay off! Whether your a
“do it yourselfer” or are partnering with a quality contractor, we are here to guide you through the world of landscaping with as little stress as possible. Share your landscape dreams with us, and we will do what we can to turn those dreams into reality

Sure, we would love for every customer to visit us with a bottomless budget, but we all live in the real world. From landscaping around your mailbox, to a complete back yard remodel, we have the expertise and the materials to make it happen. Our thoughtful pricing allows projects of any size and material needs, from a single piece of stone to truckloads, to stay within your budget. We never charge more for projects needing small quantities, and  respect the budgets for those projects requiring large quantities. Come in today and let us show you how you can afford to start your landscape project today.

Started in the 1960’s as Williams Nursery and continuing into Earth Products in the 1980’s, we have always been part of the Marietta community. Owned and managed by Virginia Williams granddaughter, Shannon, Earth Products has always believed in friends and family. Every customer is always welcomed and cared for as family. We do care about you and one of your greatest investments, your landscape. We want you to feel proud of your landscape every time you come home to spend time with your family. Stop by and join our family.